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Foundational Skin Protocol

Protocol Details

383 Skin Vyrome

Skin Vyrome

How: 1 dropper daily applied topically via cotton swab (a full dropper provides enough solution sufficient to apply to all affected areas of the skin that need it)

Why: Biophage formula designed to target C. acnes bacteria responsible for acne and inflammatory conditions that impact the health of the skin.  Helps to overcome the disharmony within the microbiome of the skin, and furthermore the inflammatory conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and so on.

381 Skin Byome

Skin Byome

How: 2 capsules daily

Why: Scientifically tested and formulated based on 11 years of research and development.  Contains a diversity of bacteria strains demonstrated in academic research and in our own research to have a calming and anti inflammatory effect on the skin.  Works from the gut outwards, providing the gut/skin axis the most predominant healthy bacteria found on the skin.

379 Derma Colonizer

Derma Colonizer

How: 1 dropper daily applied topically (at least 1 hour following the application of Skin Vyrome)

Why: Containing living skin based probiotics, the Derma Colonizer shifts the dysbiosis situation on the skin into a healthy harmonious skin microbiome.  Contains a variety of plant based natural moisturizers and omega fatty acids that support healthy skin, and support healing and cleansing processes for issues such as sunburns, wounds, stretch marks, and inflammatory skin conditions.

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The Foundational Skin Protocol consists of the following:

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