Immune Boost For Elderly Patients

Better Ways To Fight Back Against The Impact Of Aging

For Years Of Good Living

With Dr. Jack Tips, PhD., CCN

WEDNESDAY, September 23rd



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Find out…

  • How to turn vulnerable cells into high performance cells… cells that are robust and consistently function at their best.  The answer lies in how you support the cell membrane.  Get the simple steps you can take to reduce the chronic inflammation of these membranes, especially in the brain and the gut.
  • How to safeguard the elderly from nutritional deficiencies… there’s never been a better time for a fresh focus on the right diet and supplementation.  These are the key factors to boosting the healthy mitochondria essential for the production of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) so you can keep the immune system nourished.
  • Why aging can so easily strip away the powers of the immune system… the enemy is inflammation.  As bodies mature, natural defenses against inflammation need a proven boost.  Find out how dysregulation of the immune system takes place, the damage inflammation can do and proven ways to stop it.

… and more.