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Revolutionary new genome test increases practitioners' bottom line, while helping patients live healthier lives.

Get more patient breakthroughs and insights than ever before, while increasing revenue for your private practice.

If you own your own practice

Or you are just starting the process of owning your own practice, you know just how expensive it can be.

New medical practices often don’t have a profit for 3-5 years.

It takes a long time to build a relationship with your patients and get your new practice established. You’ll have to negotiate rates with insurance companies and wait up to a year for the first payments to come in. Not to mention the expense of purchasing equipment and supplies.

With all this stress and the expense of starting a practice, many practitioners have turned to weekend jobs at hospitals, all while trying to provide the best care possible to their patients. But what if there was another way to provide revenue for your practice? A revenue source that benefits your patients, all while increasing your bottom line?

I’m here to tell you that there is.

DNA test kits are a great tool for helping doctors make informed decisions and showing patients what changes can be made in their lifestyle.

But most kits are flawed.

Who wants to fill up a tube with saliva? Or have their privacy at risk? You see, most DNA testing services don’t protect their data from hackers or other companies.

In fact, in 2018 DNA testing site MyHeritage was hacked and 92 million usernames and passwords were stolen, exposing information about customer DNA.

Plus, some companies have traded information with insurance companies, causing some patients to lose coverage due to the findings in their test.

For other tests, practitioners still have to use their own labs for testing.

I’m here to show you that there’s a better way to conduct DNA testing and increase your practice’s revenue stream.

Practitioners across the United States are using this revolutionary genome test kit to increase their bottom line and help patients live a healthier life.

The Systemic Gene Test is a revolutionary system in a box.

Our independent lab partners conduct whole genome sequencing where Single Nucleotide Polymorphism variance is analyzed for its impact on metabolic and functional processes.

Systemic employs state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to assess the importance of gene SNP for patients.

Systemic Formulas’s gene report provides actionable recommendations so you only receive accurate, provable insights.

Eliminating guesswork!

DNA tests are a great service to offer at your practice or during a wellness visit because genetics testing can help patients discover nutrients and other vital components they are missing before it becomes a problem.

Unlike other systems you and your patients are in control of your own privacy. Gene data is encrypted and separated from the patient’s identity so no one can exploit information for a specific person. Meaning only you and your patient have the keys, and your patient’s info is never sold. Patients are identified as barcodes, not names.

This revolutionary genome kit is exclusive to practitioners and patients cannot get this anywhere else.

How The Process Works


STEP TWO: Ship to your office OR drop ship directly to your patient

STEP THREE: Receive accurate patient data & increase revenue

Yes, it’s really that simple!

You can sign up to order a test kit on our website and have them shipped to your office or drop shipped directly to the patient.

Analysis is performed at an independent laboratory using the latest in artificial intelligence to generate accurate results.

What do the results include?

Other DNA kits provide random reports that look good, but don’t mean anything. Our results are stratightforward.

Once you or your patient registers the DNA kit barcode on, all 12 reports can be accessed from your dashboard which shows a summary, the gene and genotype, and a genetic impact score. Each report assesses the risk level each variant poses for the patient, rated as “High Risk,” “Mid Risk,” or “Low Risk.” Based on the results of each test we provide recommendations for dietary changes and supplements that have been tested and researched extensively to help patients’ genetic circumstances.

And it doesn’t stop there. Should any of your patients wish to use a dietary supplement, Systemic Formulas sells wholesale supplements exclusively to practitioners, enabling you to earn even more from your practice.

You’ll get access to our extensive library of bi-weekly webinars featuring well-known dietitians and top experts who share knowledge regarding a variety of healthcare topics including DNA and patient wellbeing, all FREE, just by signing up for an account with us.

PLUS get free, immediate access to exclusive genomics content others have had to unlock through supplement purchases.

Immediately after registering you’ll receive access to our extensive video library.

*Only available for a limited time

By registering for your free account with us, you’ll also receive access to our video library on genomics which includes our 3-part series on Actionable Nutrigenomics. And detailed over-the-shoulder tutorials on how to use our DNA kits and use the reports to help your patients understand their results.

Take Action Today to Build the Health of Tomorrow

“I use DNA testing to better understand an individual’s innate strengths and weaknesses. Taking a person’s case-history often reveals the epigenetic factors that influence symptoms.

As they say, ‘Genes predispose. Epigenetics implement genes.’ Gene reports allow me to apply ‘actionable’ science from the published, peer-reviewed scientific studies that demonstrate that certain herbs, nutrients, and lifestyle factors make a huge difference in a person’s health. After all, the promise here is that we do not have to continue in our diseases and we do not have to express the diseases of our ancestors. The genes provide powerful information to take action today to build the health of tomorrow.”

Jack Tips, Ph.D., C.Hom., C.C.N.

Dr. Shayne Morris, Ph.D., CNS, MBA

My life-long passion has been understanding, researching and building natural products to affect our health in amazing ways. Even after spending over 30 years following this dream, I frequently find myself in awe at how much I still have to learn. Understanding the complex world of nutrition, especially nutritional supplement and herbal medicinal products, is overwhelming and fraught with naïve up to outright deceptive representations. Important questions need to be explored honestly and more thoroughly like: how these products work, how do we define quality, what does the science really tell us, can we use ancient wisdom alongside modern technical advances to reverse chronic issues?

YES! I want to transform my practice and join the Systemic Formulas family.

Give me free, instant access right now to exclusive bonuses!


Should I stock multiple test kits at my practice?

Our DNA kits provide valuable insights into your patients’ health. As a practitioner, you have the option of purchasing multiple test kits to have at your practice or ordering and drop-shipping them to your patient. We recommend stocking multiple kits if you plan on performing the DNA kit at your practice. If you are sending a kit home with the patient, then we recommend drop-shipping the kits individually.

What kind of test is the Systemic DNA Test Kit?

Our DNA test kits are simple and easy to use. You or your patient can simply perform a cheek swab on the inside of the cheek. Place the swab into the tube provided and break it off at the black line. Once the test is sent to the lab for analysis, reports, and dietary suggestions are generated based on the genes and SNPs found in the patient’s DNA.

How do I register as a healthcare professional?

To register as a healthcare professional and get access to reports for your patients, sign up at To complete the form, you will need a Doctor’s Systemic Formulas Account Number. To obtain an account number, contact Systemic Formulas or open a free professional account on the Systemic Formulas website.

Once you have an account, you’ll be able to view all of the reports for your patients and get access to wholesale pricing on our DNA kits.

How do I register a DNA kit?

DNA kits can be registered at As a doctor, you can register kits for your patients using your existing account. Patients can also register their kits by creating a patient account on the website.

How do I send the DNA kit in for testing?

Our DNA kits include an envelope for the cheek swab. This envelope has a prepaid return shipping label. Simply send the test back in this envelope for testing.

Where can I see the results?

The DNA kit test results can be viewed by logging into your account on our website. With the barcode number from the test kit you registered, you’ll be able to view the results and download a PDF of each test.