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5 Ingredients for Natural Beauty

By May 20, 2014March 29th, 2021Health & Beauty

Who wants a face lift? I don’t. The Internet is teeming with Hollywood face lift disasters that no one wants to see. Even when face lifts go well, like in the cases of Renee Zellweger or Keira Knightley, they are invasive and expensive and change the natural look of people who were beautiful to begin with. I understand that Hollywood stars depend on their looks for their livelihood, but this obsession doesn’t set a very good example of how to age gracefully and naturally.

What people, not just Hollywood stars, don’t seem to realize is that nature has a better way. Nature understands that people need help with healthy aging techniques, and she’s done something about it. As a matter of fact, nature has been quietly whispering about these life-changing beauty secrets for a very long time, and only a few have been quiet enough to hear her. It’s time to step back, de-stress and listen to what nature has to say about beauty.

Here are five of the most effective natural beauty secrets nature wishes you would try for yourself.

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids

    The best known of nature’s beauty secrets are these fatty acids that are essential for keeping your immune system functioning at peak effectiveness. EPA and DHA are found in fish and krill oil, and cultures with fish as a large part of their diet, such as Mediterranean and Scandinavian societies, lead the world in looking good and staying healthy as they age.

  2. Resveratrol

    A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away? It could. Resveratrol may be the best part about drinking wine in moderation for your health. It’s use in beauty lies in promoting good circulation for younger-looking skin and hair.

  3. Green tea extract

    For well over 2,000 years, Japanese healers have been prescribing green tea to tighten up saggy skin and iron out wrinkles. Drinking tea has its benefits, too, but as a face mask, green tea can also support hormonal imbalances and act as a potent antioxidant to quench free radicals.

  4. CoQ10

    Look for this enzyme under the names ubiquinone, Ubiquinol or coenzyme Q. It is naturally produced in younger cells but becomes less available to the body during the aging process. As a result, research on CoQ10 notes that it has found applications in keeping skin feeling younger and for reversing age-related weight gain.

  5. Arisaematis rhizome preparatum

    This strange little tuber, known in Chinese medicine as Tian Nan Xing or Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, is just beginning to interest Western medical practitioners. A study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine found that this compound demonstrated positive effects in lowering neuronal oxidative stress at the root of discomfort and redness. Traditionally, practioners used this to support healthy joints as well as resilience to frustrations that can interfere with your internal serenity.

The Good Wrinkles

Don’t you feel yourself de-stressing already? Good, because that gets rid of those worry wrinkles for free. Please let me know about any other natural beauty secrets so I can do a follow up to this post. Integrative medicine is a collaborative discipline, and it takes all of us working together to find the best solutions in a rapidly changing (and stressful) world. Keep listening to nature and remember that smile lines only make you look younger.