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A SUPPLEMENT TO SUNSHINE – Cholesterol Sulfate

By October 19, 2015April 2nd, 2021Health, Nutrition

Although we know that too much sun exposure can be a factor in causing skin damage, many people are unaware that sensible sun exposure is a vitally important part of our overall health. That’s not just because sun exposure gives us Vitamin D, as many people are aware, but also because it helps to produce cholesterol sulfate.

Cholesterol sulfate, according to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has written papers about the way our bodies use sunlight to produce cholesterol sulfate, and the role it plays in good health.

Seneff says that the cholesterol sulfate molecule travels throughout the body and plays a role in boosting your sulfur level, and also plays an important role in the performance of your red blood cells, which affects your heart and brain health.

In addition to its other health boosting effects, cholesterol sulfate also protects your body from the negative effects of sun exposure. Unfortunately, many sunscreens contain aluminum nanoparticles – zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—and when you add aluminum to your skin, it interferes with the functioning of an enzyme called eNOS. This enzyme controls the levels of sulfate and nitrate in your blood, which keeps your blood from being too thick or too thin.

Another problem is that the aluminum in sunscreens, combined with glyphosate that we take in from processed food (which also damages the eNOS enzyme) can increase the likelihood of skin damage. Further, the retinoic acid in sunscreen also suppresses cholesterol sulfate synthesis.

So, if sun exposure helps to produce cholesterol sulfate, but sunscreens suppresses it, what are you supposed to do? It’s not a good idea to walk around all day long at the beach without some type of skin protection. Skin damage is a very real concern these days, and you need to protect your skin if you’re going outdoors.

That’s where a supplement like #128 CardioVascular Oil comes in. This supplement was designed by Dr. Shayne Morris to utilize the latest cutting edge research on cholesterol particle size and the critical role of cholesterol sulfate in cell membrane energy processes, as well as to create a blend of fatty acids that directly supports heart and cardiovascular health. Introduced in 2014, this formula instantly became the world leader in addressing cholesterol metabolism and cardiovascular health and nutritional support.

CVO contains krill oil, magnesium sulfate, and phytosterols that create the perfect support for the body’s natural production of essential cholesterol sulfate. It helps to balance the cholesterol in your body, promotes cholesterol sulfate production, supports vascular cell membrane, and delivers many other benefits for heart and brain health. It allows you to get all the benefits of increased cholesterol sulfate production without the risks of unprotected exposure to the sun.

To summarize, it’s certainly important for everyone to get sensible sun exposure for increased Vitamin D and cholesterol sulfate production, but since there are risks to unprotected sun exposure, a supplement like #128 CardioVascular Oil is an important aid to maintaining optimum health.