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Frequently Asked Questions


Are all of your products and ingredients third party tested?

Yes, Nutri-Biome Analytical Laboratory is involved in heavy metal testing, microbial analysis, and other thorough forms of testing on all raw materials that we use for our products.

What does "enteric coated" mean?

Enteric coated capsules won’t dissolve in the acidic state of stomach. Instead, enteric coated capsules will dissolve in the pH of the small intestine which is important in order for the probiotics to recolonize the small and large intestines.

Is your manufacturing facility exposed to any peanuts?

No, there are no peanuts in our warehouse or manufacturing processes.

Where does the gelatin in capsules come from?

Bovine (beef) collagen. For further information, go to, our supplier of capsules.


What are RNA/DNA tissue factors?

This video explanation of RNA/DNA factors is very helpful:

RNA/DNA tissue factors strengthen the tissue integrity and function of a targeted tissue or organ of the body. Liquid is extracted from an original tissue source. All contaminants, toxins, and solids from the original tissue source have been discarded. Furthermore, the peptides found in the liquid are what ultimately help the function, integrity, and effectiveness of our specific tissues/organs. Each RNA/DNA tissue factor is thoroughly tested by a 3rd party lab named Nutri-Biome Analytical Laboratory ( to ensure quality and cleanliness from any pathogens, contaminants, or heavy metals.

What is the source of the RNA/DNA tissue factors in Systemic Formulas products?

Bovine tissue with the exception of brain, hypothalamus, pituitary, or pineal, which come from porcine.

Are Systemic Formulas products whole food or whole plant products?

Systemic Formulas’ products are whole plant products, and some are whole food products. We formulate products, meaning that we put multiple natural compounds together in the same blend. Whole food means that all ingredients in a product are from food and they they have the co-factors of the food. With whole food products, you’re getting the benefits of the entire food, not just the vitamins or minerals, but also the other co-factors. Similarly, whole plant means that you’re getting the co-factors of the plant in addition to vitamins, minerals, etc.

Are Systemic Formulas products synthetic?

No. Plant-based ingredients in our products are not synthetic. If an ingredient in a Systemic Formulas product is not plant-based, it is always a natural compound and never synthetic.

Is the collagen in Collagen ECM and Collagen MB grass fed?

Yes, the multiple types of collagen in the ECM have been sourced from grass-fed beef in both Brazil and Germany.

Do any Systemic Formulas products contain lactose?

We no longer have any lactose whatsoever in our products. However, some products contain dextrose (from organic grapes) for homeopathic remedy purposes of the formula. Dextrose at this level will not impact insulin levels or cause a negative impact to blood sugar.

Why is dextrose in the other ingredients in some products? Where does it come from?

Dextrose is in specific products to serve as a homeopathic part of the formula. It comes from organic grape.

Do either of the VistaOne capsules contain green lipped mussel?

Green lipped mussel has been removed from VistaOne.

Are the Metabo Shakes Kosher?

Yes. Metabo Shakes do not contain any pork.

Why don't product labels indicate that the product is kosher?

Many of our products do not contain pork, and are therefore kosher. At this time, we haven’t invested in the “Kosher” certification in order for that to be indicated on the printed labels.

Do any Systemic Formulas products contain shellfish?

Products that contain shellfish are CVO-R, RPM, and 5-Stabilizer.


Are liquids absorbed better than capsules?

Liquids and capsules are equally as effective and therapeutic.