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Foundational Adrenal Protocol

Protocol Details

31 Ga Adrenal

Ga Adrenal

How: 1 cap twice daily

Why: Adrenal tissue support, balance factors for medulla and cortex.

129 DV3


How: 1 cap twice daily (alternative: VitD3 LQ, 1ml)

Why: Vitamin D3 and synergists for the myriad receptors.

850 MoRS


How: 1 cap twice daily

Why: Methylation support, required to turn off the stress response.

810 eNRG


How: 1 cap twice daily

Why: Mitochondrial biogenesis and adrenal repair; mitochondrial dysfunction linked to adrenal dysfunction.

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The Foundational Adrenal Protocol consists of the following:

Ga Adrenal, Qty: 1
DV3, Qty: 1
MoRS, Qty: 1
eNRG, Qty: 1

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