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Foundational Immune Protocol

Protocol Details

Immuno Pre-Byome

Immuno Pre-Byome

How: 1 scoop daily

Why: Diversifies the microbiome with oligosaccharides and phyto-molecules, fibers and compounds that feed the Gut Associated Immune System and enhance immune system function. Increases probiotic bacteria in the gut, providing increased immune system support.

Immuno Byome

Immuno Byome

How: 2 capsules daily

Why: Immunomodulator shown to down regulate expression of important receptors involved in viral invasion. Interrupts pathogenic biofilm and prevents biofilm from adhering to tissues. Produces L-Lysine, an amino acid with wound healing benefits and collagen production capacity.

129 DV3


How: 2 capsules daily

Why: Contains immunoregulatory properties and is crucial for the activation of immune system defenses. Vitamin D3 plus K2 and antioxidants enhance the function of immune cells, including T cells and macrophages, that protect the body against pathogens.

855 NeuroVision


How: 2 capsules daily

Why: An antioxidant powerhouse in addition to zinc, quercetin and other botanicals that serve immunoregulatory functions and repair damaged cells.

845 HomoCysteine TLR

Homocysteine TLR

How: 2 capsules daily

Why: Provides comprehensive nutrition that reduces elevated homocysteine levels by increasing the PON1 enzyme and thereby supports immunoregulatory functions of the body.  Elevated homocysteine levels are linked to a compromised immune system.

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The Foundational Immune Protocol consists of the following:

Immuno Pre-Byome, Qty: 1
Immuno Byome, Qty: 1
DV3, Qty: 1
NeuroVision, Qty: 1
Homocysteine TLR, Qty: 1

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