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Foundational Sleep Protocol

Protocol Details

427 DREM


How: 1 capsule 30 minutes prior to bedtime

Why: 5 mg of melatonin in conjunction with neurotransmitter and hormone support ingredients that promote relaxation and normal, healthy, restful sleep.

75 N3 Relaxa

N3 Relaxa

How: 2 capsules in evening

Why: Designed to help those who have difficulty resting.  Effectively eases the discomfort caused by exercise related aches and pains.  Used effectively for calming nerve support, pain process support, and rest and sleep support.

406 CALM


How: 2 capsules in evening

Why: Promotes innate sleeping processes, promotes healthy adrenal function, and supports stress recovery processes.  Also helps to release human growth hormone, a key factor in enhanced sleeping patterns.

242 Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil

How: 1 dropper 30 minutes prior to bedtime

Why: Cannabinoids have long been shown to affect the sleep-wake cycle. Preliminary research supports the therapeutic potential of full spectrum hemp oil in helping alleviate insomnia and promoting more restful sleep.

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