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The MY DNA report includes 12 panels and analyzes over 1500 mutations from your entire genome, using whole genome sequencing, to give you the most comprehensive genetic test. The clinical significance of each mutation has been manually curated by our trained genetics team and is based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific literature. The invaluable information within the MY DNA report will allow you to learn more about your unique genetic makeup and how it can play a role in your overall well-being.

The 12 comprehensive panels provided cover various aspects of health, including: Cardiometabolic, Cellular Health, Detox, Energy/Performance, General Health, Hologenomics, Hormone Management, Immune, Inflammation, Neurocognitive, Nutritional Regulation, Weight Optimization.

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Coming Soon: Clinical-Level DNA Sequencing

In addition to our standard MY DNA test that is available now, we are thrilled to announce that clinical-level sequencing will also be offered soon with MY DNA Premium!

All MY DNA products utilize whole genome sequencing, a more advanced and comprehensive method when compared to outdated chip-based sequencing commonly used today by companies like 23andMe and AncestryDNA that only sequence less than 1% of your DNA. Whole genome sequencing captures greater than 95% of your DNA allowing us to continually update your MY DNA report with new genetic data based on the latest scientific discoveries without requiring you to submit a new DNA sample.

To enhance our MY DNA products even further, we will soon offer the MY DNA Premium test kit using clinical-level sequencing. This level of sequencing allows for a much closer look at your DNA, often used by physicians when determining genetic predispositions to detrimental health conditions. The MY DNA Premium test will use this highly precise method of sequencing, ensuring near 100% accuracy on over 99% of your DNA. While our standard MY DNA report offers a cost-effective whole genome sequencing option, the MY DNA Premium report will deliver increased accuracy, making it ideal for those particularly concerned about rare or pathogenic mutations.


Q: How much will MY DNA Premium cost?

A: We are still in the process of calculating the total costs of offering MY DNA Premium, therefore we do not currently have an anticipated price for MY DNA Premium.

Q: Can I upgrade the MY DNA test to MY DNA Premium at a later date?

A: No. In order to protect your security, your DNA sample is destroyed after your sample is received and sequencing is completed. Because we do not store your DNA sample after sequencing, it cannot be resequenced using the MY DNA Premium methods. If you would like to receive the enhanced reporting available with MY DNA Premium, you will need to order a separate MY DNA Premium kit and submit a new DNA sample.

Q: Is MY DNA Premium considered a medical diagnostic test?

A: While MY DNA Premium is highly precise and provides near 100% accuracy, it is not a medical diagnostic test. Our reporting is intended for educational and informational purposes only. However, you can bring your whole genome sequencing data to a physician or genetic counselor for various clinical analyses including carrier screening, evaluation of disease risks, and rare disease diagnosis.