UR-Oxy 126-Pack

The UR-Oxy test kit by Alimentum Labs assesses cellular health through urinary malondialdehyde levels, offering insights into inflammation levels, oxidative stress levels, and cellular vitality. The results enable personalized antioxidant and detoxification recommendations to achieve robust cellular health and sustained longevity.

  • Assesses Cellular Health
  • Indicates Inflammation Levels
  • Measures Oxidative Stress
  • Enables Personalized Supplement and Diet Recommendations
  • Allows Early Disease Prevention

126-count tray of UR-Oxy test vials with 126 cards. Does not include droppers or cups. Perfect for clinics that already have droppers and cups on hand. Call to order.


For best results, store in the freezer until you ship out to the customer.

If you administer a test and it stays clear you can validate the test by adding 1ml of isopropyl alcohol to the used vial and wait five minutes. If the test turns pink-red after five minutes the test was valid. If it remains clear please contact us.