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The Benefits Of Better Glucose Metabolism

Glucose metabolism isn’t just a process that people concerned with diabetes should pay

attention to.

It lies at the heart of keeping cells healthy, and impacts our nervous systems, metabolic,

and cardiovascular functions.

The best way to think about glucose metabolism is as an energy source. It creates the

energy that keeps cells healthy, particularly red blood cells and cells in the brain which

depend solely on glucose to provide energy.

When glucose enters the cell from the bloodstream, it is converted to glucose-6

phosphate. The significance of this… phosphates are basically trapped by cells, and are

unable to escape through the membrane.

But cells have their limits. They can only absorb so much glucose, and when these limits

are reached, glucose is converted to other forms for storage, such as glycogen.

Healthy Cell Membranes

One of the factors involved in the mitochondrial uptake of glucose is the condition of cell


Chromium plays an essential role in this process and in regulating the body’s blood

glucose levels.

This is why we have developed a proprietary and patented nutrient, Chromium 4OH

Isoleucinate. It is designed to make sure cell membranes are inducing and utilizing

glucose to the best extent possible.

Along with glucose metabolism, cell membranes play a role in many important

functions. Lipids in the membranes are fats, the building blocks of cell membranes.

They do not dissolve in water and they are essential for the creation of energy.

Membranes are also involved in the cellular communication process, both between cells

and within a single cell.

So, the healthier the cell membrane, the more efficient the process of glucose

metabolism… and other key functions that support cellular health.