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Male Performance

By July 7, 2017April 2nd, 2021Men's Health

WellnessWizdomTM Perspectives with WellnessWiz Jack Tips [Ph.D., C.C.N., C.Hom.]

Male Performance

Palliation vs. The Body’s Innate Homeostasis

The ultimate goal of all Natural Health modalities is to assist the body in its innate ability to effect self-remediation of its symptoms. Thus the definition of “symptom” in Natural Health is, “The body’s overtly-expressed message that it is struggling to manifest its most optimal health blueprint, and thus is seeking help to regain a symptom-free homeostasis.”

In our Natural Health disciplines, we must constantly be vigilant regarding suppressing or palliating symptoms, because in doing so, the short-term remission of symptoms leaves the cause-of-concern untouched or altered. Inevitably there will be more difficult symptoms that occur as a result of our failure to elicit genuine self-cure from the body’s innate processes.

A highly prevalent palliation in our culture is regarding male performance characterized by a weak response. The Rx drugs, ViagraTM, CialisTM, LevitraTM, StaxynTM, and some 14 other brands, capitalize on the self-image concept of powerful male reproductive viability and provide palliation for paltry performance, e.g. performance enhancement, while leaving the cause untouched and progressing into further degenerations of the vascular, cardio, neuro, and cellular metabolic functions.

A look at the cited causes of E.D. reveals the Natural Health aphorism, “For every symptom, there’s a multitude of causes; and for every cause can be a multitude of symptoms,” according to a person’s biochemical, genetic, and epigenetic individuality.

According to medical research, various causes include:

  • • Alcohol, consistent overuse
  • • Cardiovascular processes (the big one, accounts for ± 56% of the pie)
  • • Free radical damage cascades & resulting surgeries
  • • Glucose metabolic resistance
  • • Hormone imbalance (low testosterone, estrogen dominance)
  • • Nervous system processes
  • • Smoking tobacco
  • • Cholesterol regulation
  • • Many prescription medications including opioids, statins, and anti-depressants.

In our holistic, Natural Health model, we also include:

  • • Emotional trauma
  • • Brain, neurological silent inflammatory activities
  • • Under- and over-use of the reproductive system
  • • Nutritional status of key elements: zinc, selenium, B-vitamins, Vitamins D3/K2
  • • Elemental Imbalance (5-Element Theory, Doshas, Constitutions)
  • • Accumulation of acquired environmental toxins that also cellular metabolic activities
  • • Overuse of therapeutic herbs (coffee, cannabis)
  • • Sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercise.

1 The Natural Laws of Life: “The Kaleidoscope Of Causes & Effects In Biodiverse, Biochemically-Unique Species” by WellnessWiz Jack Tips

In Natural Health, clinicians seek to design a program-strategy that accommodates the individual’s gestalt of causes. Often this means addressing the chief causes, and in this case, clinicians seek to support:

  1. Vascular health
  2. Nitric oxide normal health processes
  3. Glucose metabolism and optimal cell membrane [plasma, organelle (mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum), nuclear] function
  4. Hormonal balance with an eye to declining testosterone levels
  5. Neurological efficiency

Arterial performance outside the normal range often affects the artery supplying the penis which must dilate to provide the blood volume necessary to experience erection. When the vascular function is unable to supply adequate blood, this is the top cause of performance failure, followed by prolonged, elevated blood glucose and or insulin hormone which causes arterial impairment and arterial smooth muscle enlargement which is constrictive to the normal flow.

So the promise of medications (such as the popular Viagra), do nothing to help the body cure the problem. Instead, they put fingers in the ears and shout, “La, la, la, la” to the body’s early warning message, and bypass the symptom while facilitating the illusion of genuine capability.

Science explains how Viagra impacts male physiology. When a male is aroused sexually, the brain sends an arousal impulse through the nerves that goes to specialized cells in the perineum area (root of the penis). Those cells inject nitric oxide into the penis’ pudendal-arterial blood supply resulting in dilation of the artery and engorgement of the penis with blood, which in turn causes the specialized penile tissue to assume the position for intercourse.

More specifically, nitric oxide activates the enzyme, guanylate cyclase which makes guanosine monophosphate that in turn instructs smooth muscles (arterial tissue) to relax and allow greater blood flow. This same innate mechanism is what allows the body to control blood pressure.

As with the yin and yang of all things, the body has another enzyme to control and turn off this process by deactivating guanosine monophasphate. It’s called phosphodiesterase. The various drugs act on this latter enzyme and by inhibiting its role to allow the penis to return to a non-aroused position. Thus the drugs facilitate longer-lasting erections by facilitating more blood supply into the penis and blocking the “turn off” enzyme.

Unfortunately, drugs impact the whole body and there were 522 deaths from Viagra within the first year of its release into the marketplace.

So often in the 21st Century, people turn to quick palliation rather than apply Natural Law and provide what the body is really seeking—the directives and ability to remove the cause and allow the body to self-cure well within its capabilities.

Despite the modern, delusional pretense that there is only “one way” to treat the body’s perfect and impeccable semaphore distress signals, there are indeed many ways to assist the body to return to its more optimal blueprint of metabolic and bioenergetic functions.

One way is through herbal nutrition and employment of plants and nutriments that support the body’s innate intelligence to move through the confusion and remedy its distress. The interesting thing about herbal medicine is that it is one system that potentially facilitates the body to self-correct. It can also fall short and palliate, but such palliations are further messages to keep looking for that which facilitates normal, natural self-cure.

Case In Point: Catuaba (Erythoxlyum catuaba)

Catuaba bark is considered an aphrodisiac plant in the Tupi Indian (Brazilian) herbal tradition, and has a long history of medicinal uses. The popular catuaba expression is: “Until a father is 60, the child is his; after that, the child is due to catuaba.” While celebrated for libido rejuvenation, Rain Forest herbalists also cite concomitant benefits including: better sleep, improved memory, increased energy and stamina, less anxiety and depression. Science (Journal of Psychopharmacology) finds that catuaba favorably impacts dopamine receptors making sex feel more pleasurable. Catuaba is a mild herb, best employed gently over time. As a passion-potion, catuaba bark gently supports the male reproductive system, without side effects, making it more of a tonic than a therapeutic herb, and in case histories, recitations of its restorative properties reveal its remedial impact – thus the ability to discontinue its use after a tonification program and maintain the benefits.

The following formulas may be of interest to clinicians:

Systemic Formula Considerations:

  1. M+ (Male Endocrine) contains catuaba
  2. M+X (Male Extra) contains catuaba
  3. Synulin (Glycemic Balance)
  4. Neurosyn (Neuro-Cognitive & Memory Support)
  5. Eventa (Cellular Enzyme Corrector) nitric oxide support
  6. CVO (Cardiovascular Oil)
  7. Water Tonify (Strengthen Bones) supports kidney essence.

Best wishes in your natural health endeavors!



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