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The Key Botanical Nutrients For Leaky Gut

By February 24, 2017March 29th, 2021GI Wellness, Nutrition, Vitamins

Resolving the permeability of the intestines isn’t an event.  It’s a process, because the walls of the intestines are under constant attack. The #1 source of the attack is dietary, particularly processed foods packed with toxins.  A second significant source can be stress.

Shifting into a healthier diet, and moving away from processed foods, is an excellent way to reduce the source of the inflammation that can cause Leaky Gut. To maintain healthy cells so that the intestinal walls and linings are functioning properly, nourishment is provided from a collection of select nutrients.

Some of the key botanical nutrients I find beneficial include Tumeric, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Apple Cider Vinegar, Black Radish, Grape Seed Extract, Licorice Root, Rhubarb Root, and Spearmint Leaves.

Probiotics And Leaky Gut

Probiotics alone can’t resolve Leaky Gut. They’re simply not powerful enough. It’s a numbers game, and probiotics fall short. They deliver billions of good bacteria instead of the trillions required to deal effectively with Leaky Gut.

Repair is a process. Fasting and detox can help. Ultimately, resolving Leaky Gut requires fermentation, which brings the bacteria found in vegetables and dairy products to life.  These benefits increase when grass-fed dairy products are consumed, because they contain higher levels of good bacteria.

The Benefits Of Fibers For Intestinal Health

Fibers do more than aid digestion.  They play a key role in how nutrients are absorbed, and they can also support normal blood sugar levels. The right fibers can prevent problems with gastrointestinal motility, which deals with the actual movement of contents through the tract.  Gastrointestinal motility and Leaky Gut can be closely related, and our ability to deal effectively with one can often address issues brought on by the other.