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Why Metabolism Needs A Healthy Liver

A healthy metabolism provides countless benefits and one of the most important is supporting the optimum performance of our organs…especially the liver. A healthy liver is essential for healthy metabolism. When fat builds up in the liver, it can become stagnant and cause congestion that slows down metabolic rates. It’s a double edged sword. We need healthy metabolism for a healthy liver and a healthy liver for healthy metabolism.

What happens in the liver to hurt metabolism?

Toxin buildup. When this develops, the organ loses some of its ability to properly process sugars and fat. This doesn’t just cause fats to build up in other parts of the body and lead to avoidable weight gain. It puts the proper performance of our immune system at risk, because the liver regulates much of the immune system. Fortunately, this can be addressed through targeted

How Toxins Put A Healthy Metabolism At Risk

Diet and environment are the two culprits when it comes to toxins entering our body and lodging in different organs. These poisonous compounds can function as mutagens or carcinogens which disrupt metabolic pathways. The residues from processed foods, pesticides, and prescription drugs are leading dietary sources. Microbial toxins from fungi and bacteria can enter the body through food that is either poorly prepared or contaminated. The environment continues to be a significant source of toxins such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium. Our exposure to all these heavy metals means it has never been more important for us to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Targeted nutrition to help the liver perform at its best is vital. Regular nourishment that supports metabolism and complements detox can help lessen the risks of exposure to toxins, and insure the proper function of the immune system.